Crafting the Wheel of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is a journey of inside –out  flow of energy,passion & conviction ,to empower & communicate their strongest belief to the mass. Visionary entrepreneurs have clear blue print for people facilitation ,in transforming their problems/goals into absolute solution of significance. Sustenance of business leadership is “Incorporating today’s need & tomorrow’s want in practice as solution”. Though entrepreneurial drive is the synergy of emotions ,belief ,thought,values &  actions with strategic change.

Key personality traits(spokes) of empowering entrepreneurs’.

1.Goal Setting                                   # Clarity is power .

2.Confidence                                     # Self-Belief is strong.

3.Vision                                              # Wider perspective for socio concern.

4.Team player                                   # People empowerment ,a driving force.

5.Self-Evaluation                              # Believes, success is a internal factor.

6. Creativity                                        # Innovation is the key for leadership.

7.Seize opportunity                        # Don’t wait rather create.

8.Flexibility                                         # Strategic changes must be the focus.

9.Mission                                             # Vision must be the mission

10. Taking risk                                  # See certainty in uncertainty.

11.Leadership                                    # Set example’s & create more leader’s.

12.Optimistic                                      # Never give up, see challenge as opportunity.

13.Ownership                                    # Take responsibility with conviction & commitment.

14.System-oriented                        # Believes in discipline & timing .

15.Take time off                               # Balance in professional & personal life.

16.Money                                           # Manage money & time wisely.

17.Invest in themselves                # Best ROI to make fortune.

18.Sell Benefits                                # Believes, people buy satisfaction & comfort.

19.Customer-Orientation             #  Sustain long-term relationship.

20.Self-Image  positioning.         # Create competitive edge through


Contributed by Mr. Anupam Sharma-Chief Learning Officer of CFO4SME, who is M.B.A, LL.B and Success Coach” from “Grow More” which is I.C.F (U.S.A) Certified institution and possess diversified experience of 25 years with various companies.



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  1. Chetan sharma says:

    Hi anupam, I would like to be part of forthcoming session /event on empowering entrepreneurs. Please let me know the schedule.


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